Los Angeles, CA – It appears an illegal pet monkey won’t be the only thing Chris Brown will be hemmed up in court for.

After a Jane Doe filed suit against Brown for allegedly playing a role in her rape at the hands of one of his friends at his Los Angeles mansion back in 2017, she accuses the R&B/Pop star of harassing her.

The Blast reports that he tried to film her and her legal team during a proposed inspection of his house.

Court documents obtained by the outlet stated that she and her lawyer asked the judge to sign the necessary paperwork to inspect the singer’s Taranza home where she was allegedly raped multiple times by Breezy’s affiliate Young Lo (real name Lowell Grissom Jr.). The woman also sought out a protective order barring him from filming her in his home.

In response to their move to further build the case, Brown has demanded the court to be allowed to videotape her while she goes throughout the home.

The Jane Doe claims that Brown’s move is only to “harass and intimidate” her while she inspects the home. Brown’s lawyer argues that he wants to film her because, “We want to make sure the home is protected, and our client is protected. Your client has already made false accusations against Mr. Brown, so we want to simply videotape the premises and inspection as it is being conducted to make sure your client doesn’t make up further false allegations against Mr. Brown.”

The lawsuit was filed earlier in the year accusing Brown of “co-conspiring, aiding and abetting” her sexual assault during a party back in 2017, according to Billboard. The Jane Doe plaintiff said that she and other female guests were given drugs and alcohol by Brown and company and reportedly used intimidation to “coerce and force unwilling female guests to perform sexual acts for Defendants and others,” per court documents. All who were involved, including a woman dubbed Doe X among several others, are accused of “sexual battery, gender violence, hate violence, assault, interference with the exercise of civil rights, intentional infliction of emotional distress and more.”

Grissom’s legal team responded to the allegations back in May saying, “Lowell vehemently denies these false and defaming accusations originated last year, ending with no arrests, no proof, an inconclusive rape kit and after a police investigation — no charges filed.

“This civil lawsuit is a blatant attempt at a money grab and to harm the reputation of my client while encouraging PR noise for Gloria Allred while she exploits this young woman for her own financial gains and public persona.”

Brown still has yet to publically address the lawsuit and the accusation. The case is ongoing.