Rapper Young Lo — real name Lowell Grissom — reportedly had a few choice words for Gloria Allred. The high profile attorney is currently representing a woman claiming Grissom raped her multiple times during an alleged drug-fueled sex party at Chris Brown’s house.

Grissom was at Brown’s home at the time of the alleged incident but according to TMZ, Grissom says he had nothing to do with any alleged crime.

Grisssom’s attorney Anthony Willoughby reportedly said, “Lowell vehemently denies these false and defaming accusations originated last year, ending with no arrests, no proof, an inconclusive rape kit and after a police investigation — no charges filed.”

“This civil lawsuit is a blatant attempt at a money grab and to harm the reputation of my client while encouraging PR noise for Gloria Allred while she exploits this young woman for her own financial gains and public persona.”

In Allred’s recent press conference, she called the sexual assault case “one of the most horrific” she’d ever seen.

Brown has yet to address the situation publicly.

(The original version of this article was published on May 9, 2018 and can be found below.)

A woman who was allegedly raped at Chris Brown’s home in February 2017 is reportedly taking legal action against the R&B star.

According to TMZ, Brown is being sued by a woman going by Jane Doe who says not only was she raped by one of Brown’s friends but also forced to perform oral sex on a menstruating woman.

The legal docs claim Brown supplied cocaine, ecstasy and weed, and that the woman’s phone was confiscated upon arrival at his recording studio. She alleges Brown’s friend forced women to have sexual contact with Brown and Lowell Grissom (also known as rapper Young Lo).

The unidentified woman hired hotshot attorney Gloria Allred to handle the case.

During a recent press conference, Allred explained, “When she arrived at the studio, her phone was taken away from her. She was told that Brown did not want anyone to have their phones in the studio. Our client alleges in the lawsuit that she was forced to go to Brown’s home because she perceived that she would only be able to retrieve her phone there.

“Brown handed each female guest, including our Plaintiff, a clear pill filled with white powder and instructed them to take it to have a ‘good time.'” But the woman says she declined.

Allred went on to explain her client felt “intimidated” by the multiple guns in the house, aggressive behavior by some of Brown’s guests and the general atmosphere in Brown’s home.

“While she was at Brown’s house, she was the victim of horrific sexual assault,” Allred continued. “It’s one of the most horrific sexual assault cases that I have ever seen and our client Jane Doe has been severely traumatized.”

The legal docs also state Grissom held the woman against a washing machine and raped her for a second time. Once she was able to leave the home, she says she went to a rape treatment center and reported it to the authorities.

Neither Brown or Grissom have addressed the allegations publicly.