The Bay Area’s King of Slang was said to be dead late last week. While this would have been a tragic loss for the Hip-Hop community, we are all lucky this was nothing more than a rumor. But, in the wake of the rumor,40 Water came out and dispelled these lies through his lawyer.
“Mr Stevens is alive and well in Las Vegas enjoying all-star weekend and has not been the victim of any shooting or accident,” his lawyer wrote in a statement.
Nevertheless, 40 was thankful for those who thought about him, even though this was just a rumor. He also warned those who have spread the rumor.
“(We) thank all those who have expressed concern and kept 40 in their prayers and urge whoever is responsible for generating these outrageous rumors to contemplate the gravity of their actions and stop immediately.”
According to reports, the MC is currently working on a new album, tentatively called The Ball Street Journal.