Los Angeles, CA - 

Saweetie enjoys some good food and conversation with HipHopDX’s Editor-In-Chief Trent Clark in the latest episode of Soulful Sundays. The rising star discusses multiple aspects of her life and career while sitting down for a meal at Comfort LA in downtown Los Angeles.

Acclaimed producer Zaytoven is often identified as Saweetie’s cousin, but she reveals it’s a bit of a misnomer. Although the “Icy Girl” likes to refer to him as her cousin, he’s actually just a family friend.

“His mom and my grandma are best friends,” she notes. “So, our families grew up really close to each other.”

Elsewhere in the chat, Saweetie touched on the difficult balancing act of sex appeal that women must navigate in Hip Hop. Clark describes her as sexy yet elegant, which Saweetie feels is a good description — though she makes it clear she’s not manufacturing the image.

“I’m conscious about what I wear and what I put up [on social media], but I’m not conscious in the essence of ‘I’m gonna do this because it makes me look like this,'” she explains. “I’m happy that those words are associated with me, but I don’t wake up saying, ‘I want to be perceived like this.’ I’m just doing me. So, I feel like the best way to exhibit those type of characteristics is just by being you. If you keep it classy, you’re gonna be a classy woman.”

Watch the entire episode of Soulful Sundays above.

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