Los Angeles, CA - 

G Perico sits down with HipHopDX’s Editor-In-Chief Trent Clark in the latest episode of DX’s Soulful Sundays. While enjoying some great food at Comfort LA in downtown Los Angeles, the West Coast rhymer speaks on his life and career at great length.

During the conversation, Perico breaks down the responsibility of a gangsta rapper in today’s Hip Hop scene.

“Real serious respected gangsta rap, it definitely has to have layers,” he explains. “You’re already representing a culture that’s misunderstood. A lot of us, especially me, I’m gangsta by default — by where I was born, where I grew up at. If I wasn’t born in L.A. or whatnot, I’d probably be fucking backpack rap or whatever.”

He continues, “It’s my responsibility as a gangsta rapper and a street guy to basically show the good side of shit. Because it’s easy to put a bad stigma on top on everything on the gangsta shit or just the black shit, period. You definitely gotta have layers, speak on different issues. You can’t just be at surface level with everything. A gangsta rapper in 2018 definitely has to touch all different types of subjects.

Elsewhere in the discussion, Perico talks about his musical development and getting a co-sign from the legendary E-40.

Watch the latest episode of Soulful Sundays above.

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