Atlanta, GA

WSBTV news anchors Frank Blankenship and Mark Arum have become somewhat legendary in the Hip Hop space. The two consistently — and cleverly — interject lyrics from various classic Hip Hop tracks into their daily news reports.

For the 25th anniversary of A Tribe Called Quest’s third studio album Midnight Marauders,Blankenship and Arum are at it again. Arum shared a clip of the ATCQ-flavored traffic report to his Twitter account on Friday (November 9).

“25 years ago today A Tribe Called Quest dropped Midnight Marauders and our lives were never the same. @ATCQ,” he captioned the photo.

Throughout the 1:30-minute clip, Arum and Blankenship weave lyrics from “Award Tour,” “8 Million Stories” and — the highlight — “Oh My God” into their report.

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Meanwhile, Blankenship’s fellow anchor can barely contain her laughter.

Watch the clip above.