New York, NY – Anyone who saw footage of Kanye West’s meeting at the White House with Donald Trump knows 45 didn’t really say much. It was more like ‘Ye seized the moment to launch into a self-serving monologue.

Naturally, Saturday Night Live saw nothing but the humor in it and recreated the meeting for its cold open on Saturday night’s (October 13) episode.

Actor Alec Baldwin reprised his role as Trump and Chris Redd threw on a MAGA hat to play ‘Ye. Almost immediately, Redd brings up the 13th Amendment and how it’s “trap door” leads to the Uni-Bomber.

From there, Baldwin (Trump) remains silent but viewers get to hear his inner dialogue, which consists of things like “poopity scoop” and “oh, this guy might be coocoo.”

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As the skit goes on, Redd (‘Ye) talks about “Chi-Raq” and how the murder rate decreases by 20 percent every year.

“Pretty soon, it’s gonna be a negative murder rate,” he says. “We’re gonna be digging bodies out of the ground.”

Finally, Baldwin (Trump) comes to the conclusion Redd is the “black me.”

The roughly six-minute reenactment ends with Redd (‘Ye) running up to Baldwin (Trump) to recreate the hug at the end of the real-life Trump/’Ye lunch meeting. 

Watch the full skit up top.