Washington, D.C. – Mysonne was among the hundreds of protesters arrested for demonstrating against Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation over the past few days. According to CBS News, police said at least 164 people were arrested in Washington, D.C. alone for charges of crowding, obstructing or incommoding.

The New York-based rapper/activist was outside the Supreme Court on Friday (October 5), protesting by blocking the street in locked arms with a group of men. Mysonne spoke on his involvement in the protest via Instagram.

“Today I stood wit Brave MEN!” he wrote. “MEN who decided they werent going to do Nothing! MEN who didnt sit home and critique and Criticize!!! MEN who at a very crucial and Critical time in American History decided they would Stand UP!! I hear so many people ask me why do I keep getting arrested , Why do I keep Marching it doesnt do Anything.. To those people I ask what does doing Nothing do?? Why do you do nothing and worry about those of Us who are on these frontlines Sacrificing!!

“I know everything we as Black in America have received was do to the sacrifice of those willing to die for our Liberty!! I couldnt be comfortable knowing i was on the wrong side of history. My soul isnt comfortable doing Nothing. For those of you Thinking what happened in This Supreme Court is Only going to Affect white people.. Thats The DUMBEST SHIT EVER!!!

“Anything that Affects White People Affects people of Color 1000 worse. We will get incarcerated at even higher Rates!! We will continue to be responsible for only 2% of the wealth, BLack people we cant keep sitting home While these People Set The Agenda for your Lives, because you wont realize what youre losing until its too late.. ?✊️? #GangstButWokeAsFuck #SoulNotForSale #GodsWork #IworkForThePeople.”

Before he was arrested, Mysonne participated in an interview with journalist Chuck Modiano. Video of the conversation, which saw Mysonne elaborate on rape culture, has gone viral. The original tweet has more than 40,000 retweets and 100,000 likes.

Mysonne previously protested Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court hearing in September. Earlier this year, he was also arrested during an immigration protest in Washington, D.C.