Najee Ali is at it again, and this time, Eddie Murphy is in his cross hairs.
The southern California activist, who recently made headlines over Brandy being charged with man slaughter is upset with Murphy and his new movie, Norbit.
Ali, and other Black leaders in the LA area will host a press conference at noon, calling for Murphy to “apologize” for the way Black women are depicted on a promotional billboard and in the movie.
Murphy’s billboard disrespects Black women and continues to perpetuate
negative stereotypical images that large Black women are sexually
aggressive, unattractive, violent and promiscuous. These types of
negative images are damaging to our community and to have this ad
campaign unveiled during Black History Month is a slap in our face and
a press release for the protest states.
If you’ve been hiding under a rock (or bootlegging all your movies), you can see the movie trailer here:
Has Murphy gone too far or are some leaders too sensitive?
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