Celina Powell, the woman who alleged she was carrying Offset’s baby, was a recent guest on Vivica Fox’s new talk show, Face The Truth. During the episode, Fox grilled her about the intentions behind the stunt.

When Fox asks if she received a cease and desist letter from the Migos’ rapper’s attorney, she confirms but then attempts to downplay the incident.

“No one even talked about money with Offset,” he said. “I didn’t even have a conversation with him about money. Cardi B and Offset didn’t even acknowledge it. They didn’t even care.”

Meanwhile, Powell’s ex-best friend Cheyenne sits beside her with a smug look on her face and blurts out, “At first she wanted me to help her get abortion money, $50,000 for an abortion.”

Cheyenne then clowns her for setting up a GoFundMe for new “boobs and ass.” Powell jumps in and says, “That was a joke, stupid.”

Face The Truth panelist and lawyer Areva Martin chimes in, “The whole point is you’ve been trying to mess with people’s lives and you don’t even feel bad about. You literally don’t care, You do it because you’re bored,” to which panelist Rosie Mercado says, “You’re ruining your own life and you don’t even see it.”

Powell eventually admitted to faking the pregnancy back in May and apologized to Cardi, although it seemed anything but genuine.

But, she was back to her old tricks in July when she claimed to have hooked up with Snoop Dogg. A couple of days later, Snoop announced it was all an elaborate set-up for a new show called Clout Chasers.