In roughly one week, whether or not Offset fathered a child with Celina Powell will reportedly be revealed.

In the meantime, Powell chopped it up with Hollywood Life about the possible father of her one-month-old daughter Karma. She also didn’t hesitate in sharing the sneaky details of how the Migos rapper was served with papers for a DNA test.

Powell explained that Offset was recently near her home in Colorado for a concert. After discovering the Atlanta musician would be in town for a show, she pretended to be the promoter in order to find out when Offset would be arriving at the venue.

“I acted like I was the promoter and called up Danny [Zook] on his team to find out when they will be at the venue and Danny’s stupid ass really believed me and told me when they was five minutes away … they were like rushing and the sheriff just gave him the papers and he threw them and kept walking,” Powell told Hollywood Life. “Some guy I don’t know picked them up and walked in.”

Powell also claimed that Offset was “shook” upon being served.

“Yup, he was shook … Kenny and Danny [Zook] (his managers) were pissed off,” she said. “They threw the papers on the floor but I think he took the test. So now I’ve got to wait. It was all court ordered and they stayed here an extra day, so I think it was to take the test.”

She later confirmed with Hollywood Life that according to the DNA testing office, she’ll have the results in one week.

Prior to Powell giving birth in March of this year, Offset’s lawyers sent her a cease and desist letter. The rapper also previously claimed that he never met the woman and that she was attempting to extort money from him.

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