In an era when working with multiple writers has become an excepted norm, not everyone in the industry is on board. A newly free, celibate and focused Kodak Black took to Twitter on (Monday) September 3 to say what he really thinks about rappers who use ghostwriters.

“I hate to find out that people be writing you people music … I can’t even believe y’all no more,” he wrote.

Kodak not only writes his own bars, but he’s also writing his own book, which he first announced back in May.

“Writing it by myself, fuck a ghostwriter,” he said in a recent Twitter post.

It’s the latest in a week of shade thrown by the “Tunnel Vision” rapper. On Saturday (September 1), he spoke on artists jacking his bars — and his swag.

“It’s Ok For Tryna B Like A Nigga But When You Go To Stealing Bars That’s A Problem,” he wrote. “Matter Fact You Shouldn’t Even Wanna B Like A Nigga.”

He added, “Ion Even Wanna Upload Lol Niggas Be Tryna Steal My Whole Lil Rundown… It’s Ok Tho ! I Mean Who Wouldn’t Wanna B Great ?”

After being released from jail on August 18, his probation was terminated two weeks later. Now, Kodak seems to be keeping busy. On top of his upcoming book, it appears a Bruno Mars collaboration is possibly in the works. 


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