After a photo of actor Geoffrey Owens working at a Trader Joe’s in New Jersey went viral, Hip Hop artists and celebrities alike have rallied around the former Cosby Star star.

Owens was photographed working as a cashier at a New Jersey location and several news outlets picked up the story in what seemed like an attempt to shame him.

But, the stunt backfired and Owens has received seemingly endless support. During an interview with Good Morning America, Owens opened up about the experience and said it initially left him “devastated” and humiliated. However, the positive feedback he received quickly snapped him out of it.

“The period of devastation was so short because so shortly after that the responses — my wife and I started to read these responses literally from all over the world — of support. So, fortunately the shame part didn’t last very long. It hurt but it’s amazing.

“I’ve been teaching, acting, directing for 30 plus years but got to a point where it just didn’t add up enough. You gotta do what you gotta do. I wanted a job where I could have some flexibility and try to stay in the business.”

As the outpouring of support continued, director Tyler Perry tweeted that he’d love to give Owens an acting job and applauded his hustle.

“I’m about to start shootings OWN’s number one drama next week!” Perry wrote. “Come join us!!! I have so much respect for people who hustle between gigs. The measure of a true artist.”

Chuck D, Speech, Questlove and Owens’ fellow actors defended him on social media.

Check out their reactions below.