Although Nicki Minaj’s tactic to add “FEFE” to the Queen didn’t prove successful in getting her a No. 1 album, the record has become an instant winner for YouTube comedian Bart Baker.

Well, a parodied version that is.

Throughout the extensively mirrored visual in comparison to the original video, Baker stars as 6ix9ine, as he makes repeated not-so-subtle jabs at his sex offender trial while also implying that he’s in a homosexual relationship with his manager, Tr3yway.

Nicki Minaj (played by Tiffany Tynes) also assumes the position of self-slandering, as she raps about stooping low to record with Tekashi, admitting defeat to Cardi B while being the ultimate clout chaser.

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Even the extremely lowkey Murda Beatz also gets lampooned.

Watch the full Nicki Minaj “FEFE” parody video up above.

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