Calabasas, CA – Veteran radio DJ Big Boy was driving around the Calabasas area on Tuesday afternoon (August 21) when he was reportedly rear-ended by a drunk driver.

Shortly after impact, the Big Boy’s Neighborhood host jumped out to confront him only to discover the man was chugging more vodka while still sitting in the driver’s seat of his BMW.

In a video shared by TMZ, Big Boy shouts, “He just crashed into me and he’s in the car drinking. He’s still drinking! He is in the car still drinking.”

Once a police car arrives on the scene, the officer asks the man to get out of the vehicle. As the visibly intoxicated man hobbles out of the car, his pants fall down and expose his Calvin Klein underwear.

On Tuesday night, Big Boy addressed the incident in an Instagram video and expressed a renewed sense of gratitude.

“God is GOOD,” he wrote in caption. “I am ok. Just a bit banged up and the stiffness is really kicking in. However, I’m typing this because I’m here. In the twinkling of an eye your life can change. I’m here another day to raise my kids, love my wife and family and love and feel you ALL. I can’t believe what I was seeing. He was still on the bottle. He has a problem and I pray for him as well.

“For all those out there, PLEASE WEAR YOUR SEATBELTS and PLEASE DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE. God showed me a lot today. I’m humbled even more and I’m thankful. I pray for you ALL. Thank you.”

The man was reportedly taken to a local hospital where was treated for injuries. His blood alcohol level was also tested.