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Veteran producer and mixshow master, DJ Nabs has been revealed to share an unfortunate bond with God’s Son himself: Nas.

According to a conversation and letter Nabs shared with Page Six, the V-103 Atlanta DJ discovered his girlfriend Jessica Santos had been creeping with the Illmatic One when she failed to make it home a couple of months ago.

“On May 19th, 2018 after my performance in Atlanta with the Youngbloodz, my girlfriend didn’t come home one night. After confronting her and getting the silent treatment, I discovered on my own, texts and emails, that [proved] she had a sexual relationship” with the rapper, dating back to 2014,” Nabs wrote.



He then went on to state, “she defiantly admitted to sleeping with [Nas] the night she didn’t come home,” while claiming “she and Nabs were over” at the time and defended “the explicit texts I discovered saying, ‘the sexual texts are a minuscule part of our friendship.’”

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“Havin’ drinks in Vegas, my business/She didn’t see me comin’, now she’s an eyewitness”

The karma kicker of this entire debacle is Nabs openly admits he left his wife to be with Santos, and he hopes his Nasir confessional will go the distance in righting the wrong. He also revealed he heard Santos’ last relationship went sour when it was discovered she was creeping with Nas, but he chose to ignore it. Santos was also reportedly warned this cheaters story would see the light of day beforehand.



“[Nas] knows I was with Jessica. He knows I left my wife . . . I’m sitting in this situation betrayed by both of them, and I don’t owe them anything,” Nabs continued.

“[I thought] it was . . . acting out of insecurity and just accepted Nas was a friend of hers . . . She was sleeping with Nas during our relationship,” he said.

Santos (along with Nabs) can be seen in living color down below.

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