Dirtbag Dan, the bearded ex-battle-rapper responsible for stoner anthems like “Slab City” and “Concentrate,” has released a new video for his song “Caddy PH Immortal.”

This is the third video from his upcoming album, 3RTYS, which is set to drop August 30. The song is a memorial for Robert Diaz and Robert Paulson, known respectively as battle rappers PH (fka Pumpkinhead) and Cadalack Ron.

Dirtbag Dan spoke with HipHopDX about the personal significance of making this video:

“Caddy and PH had a lot more in common than most would assume. They were both battle rappers, but they were also respected musicians who personified the places they came from. They inspired. They left a legacy. To me, they’re immortal now. That’s what I wanted to write about.”

The video includes clips of Cadalack Ron and PH, as well as a large mural of Ron, painted in memoriam in Los Angeles.

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