It could be an expensive summer for Trey Songz, given that he has found himself at the center of yet another lawsuit.

Days after it was revealed that Songz is being sued by a police officer allegedly injured during the singer’s infamous on-stage tantrum in Detroit, another lawsuit has surfaced.

TMZ reports Songz is being sued by a woman claiming she was mentally and physically injured after she approached the musician for a photo outside a strip club in Philadelphia last year.

According to the fan, when she attempted to get a photo with Songz, he grabbed and twisted her arm and wrist. As a result, she says she could end up facing “cosmetic disfigurement.”

Additionally, the woman is reportedly receiving psychiatric treatment after falling into a depression over the incident.

Songz is also being sued by the woman’s cousin who attempted to take the photo. The singer allegedly smacked the phone out of her hand, hitting it into her face and breaking her glasses.

The woman in the second lawsuit is suing Songz for medical expenses and other damages.