Detroit, MI – Since the inception of his career, Eminem has allowed fans to live vicariously through his viewpoint as a parent.

Anyone who has ever picked up an album from the rap legend (who’s sold more singles from said albums than any other rapper in history) knows the name Hailie Jade very well.

As the lone biological child of the 45-year-old Slim Shady, Hailie Jade has been name-dropped in all of his studio albums (she even performed on 2002’s The Eminem Show) but has kept a very low profile. Especially for that of a 22-year-old with nearly one million Instagram followers.

The recent Michigan State University graduate, who studied psychology (and was “on the Dean’s List or whatever”) offered the Daily Mail a few answers in a scrupulously curated interview in wake of her next steps of adulthood.

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When asked what was next on her horizon, Hailie Jade replied, “I’m not sure yet, it’s kind of up in the air, still” and also pinpointed who constantly targeted her natural beauty in hopes of making millions off her modeling.

“Not so much [by] magazines, but companies who work with them,” she revealed. But she did admit to leaving a window open when it comes to becoming a famous “influencer.”

Daily Mail also reports that the Mathers family modesty runs deep in her veins. She lives in a nondescript four-bedroomed home in Detroit and regularly visits her mom and half-siblings Whitney and Parker (who live close by).

The sole Eminem question revolved around her relationship with her famous pops, which was met with a fairly “duh” response: “Of course, we are very close.”

During his last go-around on the album front, Eminem dedicated most of the subject matter of the Revival cut, “Arose” to his fleeting relationship with his daughter as he envisioning dying.

And for any “Stan” out there daydreaming about becoming Eminem’s son-in-law, it may be time to wake up. Hailie Jade has been in a relationship with her college sweetheart Evan McClintock for over two years and Mr. Mathers is reportedly giving the union the thumbs up.

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