This morning (December 7th) Young Jeezy was on 100.3 The Beat in Philly. Subjects ranging from Lil Wayne’s comments about Jay-Z and Hip Hop being dead.

Beginning with Monie asking the Snowman about his thoughts on Lil
taking shots at Jay-Z.

“He trippin, for real.
You wanna holla at dude, holla at dude. I mean last year he was your favorite

Then things get heated among radio host Monie and Jeezy. Discussing the current state of
Hip Hop. Defending his craft, Jeezy makes
remarks about Nas coming back saying
hip hop is dead.

“You got Nas coming
back, sayin hip hop is dead. Who is he to say hip hop is dead.”

It then went into questioning Nas’ street credibility…

“Nas ain’t no street
nigga. He ain’t been in no street. So Nas ain’t done anything he talk about …
Nas bust his guns? Nas been on the block? Do Nas have street credibility? Is
any of Nas’ homies in the FEDS?”

“If Nas say hip hop is
dead. I say hip hop is alive. Tell him to holla at me!”