This week on the Hip Hop charts finds a few interesting

To jump it off, John Legend’s Once Again crushed much of the
competition. The sophomore set from the Grammy award winning artist sold a
monstrous 231,107 to debut at #3 on the charts (behind My Chemical Romance and
Hannah Montana). John Legend completely obliterated his peers on the charts,
selling more than Diddy did in two weeks. Diddy’s Press Play sold 60k in its
second week landing at the #6 slot (230,912 overall) while looking up to Legend
and Justin Timberlake who holds steady at #4 with 88k sold this week (1,456,969
sold in 7 weeks).

The biggest flop this week? JibbsJibbs feat. Jibbs
floundered to a #11 debut with a paltry 46k sold in its debut week on the
charts. Goes to show that a hot single doesn’t translate to album sales.  Shareefa didn’t fare much better either. In her first
week, Point Of No Return sold only 36k and landed at #25 on the charts. The
Hulkster’s daughter also couldn’t do much with her debut. Brooke Hogan’s Undiscovered seemed
to go undiscovered (pun intended) with only 29k sold in her opening week putting her at #28 on
the charts.  

Elsewhere, we find LudacrisRelease Therapy still going
strong. In its fifth week, Luda lands at #14 with 44k sold (just under 600k
overall).  Lloyd Banks continues his slow
sales. This week, Rotten Apple could only sell 25k (215k overall and #33) and
will obviously struggle to make gold after such a slow start. Janet Jackson
continues her slow crawl to gold with just under 20k sold this week putting her
at 462,937 overall and #42.

Next week we’ll see how much Jim Jones will be “Baaaaaalin!”
when Hustler’s P.O.M.E. drops while AZ makes a return with The Format.