With a radio interview with Funk Flex a few days ago, an interview with Angie Martinez the day after, Shawn
is making his rounds. The latest being a phone-in with Mick Boogie. Jay takes time out, and lets various DJ’s from all over call in and
ask questions.

Giving insight on working with Dre and the speculation behind his latest introspective track Lost Ones.

When asked why he’s returning to do another album. Hov responds with the obvious “passion keeps tugging” response, BUT he
also throws a little shock in for the listeners…

“…I know Dre was working, I’m workin with Dre on
Detox. I know he workin on his shit. I spoke to him, I know he was coming. I
was like, well let me ad, you know, my little bit to the puzzle.”

Working with Dre

“I tell you what
happened with Dre…”
Jay says. “He don’t care about dates, your roll out or your marketing plan. It’s
all about the records for him. Me and him fought over Lost Ones. I’m like, yo Dre, I have to master my album in two

So the rumors are true. Dre did have a track meant for The Black
. Too bad it didn’t make the cut. But DAMN…am I glad it surfaced.

We’re you referring to Beyonce
in that second verse?

“…if you listen, it says 23, she’s 25 now. So it’s an old
emotion, but it’s a real emotion.”

Being asked more about the record, Jay reveals that the song wrote itself, he didn’t write it for any
controversy and that it’s just a track that got out there. “…I’m actually shooting a video for it.”

A question from Felli
, “Being that you’re gonna be
working with Dre…are we gonna hear some
of those classic kind of westcaost sounding records from Dre?”
gets a intriguing reponse from Jay:

“…just remember I told
you this. I got a joint called Thirty Something. Just remember I said that.
Just remember that name right there.”