In the upcoming issue of XXL Jay-Z opens up about his career parallels to Michael Jordan and his short lived drama with 2Pac in 1996. Here is the excerpt:

I reference Jordan because he had similar stories. He said that he
felt cheated when he got to the league and Larry Bird and Magic were
leaving. I feel like that. I be like, “Damn, I wonder what it would be
like with Big and Pac and everybody here.” The worst I’ve heard was
that I wouldn’t be who I am if Big and Pac was here. That’s God given
talent. You can’t…

And that would have been interesting too, how that would’ve played
out with me and Pac. Because I wasn’t where I am now. It would’ve went
down, it was a collision course, 100%. I knew some people out West and
they told me about the [Makaveli] song. It hadn’t dropped yet, but was
on the way. I had my record ready. I shelved it out of the utmost
respect, but it was coming.

I performed it one time only at Apollo over ‘No Diggity.’ No one
has that tape. They usually tape the Apollo shows, but they had just
stopped taping for some reason. We tried to find the tape. It’s 2,000
people that know about it. I did two verses. It’s the truth, that’s the
best shit. It’s so liberating, when you say what the fuck you wanna


For those of you who didn’t even know they had beef, I’ll fill you in. At the height of the East/West beef and the height of Pac‘s paranoia, he went at any NYC rappers who sided with Biggie or basically said anything he didn’t like in regards to the beef. Jay-Z was one of those rappers who was called out on Bomb First (and also on a couple unreleased tracks).