Run The Jewels have something in the works, but it’s not clear what it is. Fans are going to find out on Friday (December 15) as the duo has launched a countdown website for this mysterious release or announcement.

The address,, features a world map with an “emergency tip line” listed. The 1-646-846-RTJ3 number shares a brief message about “strange weather patterns” before quickly hanging up.


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The site itself plays a loop of El-P and Killer Mike’s “Call Ticketron” instrumental. Some fans are speculating that this means a music video for the song, which appeared on RTJ’s 2016 album Run The Jewels 3, is dropping on Friday.

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Earlier this week, El-P was teasing fans about RTJ’s fourth album though. It’s just as plausible this countdown is the beginning of their rollout. The duo’s last LP was a surprise release, dropping right before Christmas instead of its original January release date.

“Fithy, dirty, dusty plans unfolding with @KillerMike #RTJ4,” El-P wrote on Monday (December 11).