KXNG Crooked caused a furor across social media timelines everywhere overnight after sharing a purported tracklist for the still-nothing-but-a-theory second disc of Eminem’s upcoming Revivalalbum.

While Crooked has since taken to Twitter to clarify he only shared the image because he was just as curious as everyone else, the 16-track collection did have Shady diehards frothing at the mouth for what looked like a much more Hip Hop-centric feature list.

The sleuths over at Reddit’s HipHopHeads board tracked the image’s origin to a Twitter account that sent it over to Crooked, and then deleted the post once he shared it himself. The commenters also pointed out that the font appears to be slightly different than the official tracklisting (as seen above) and that Slaughterhouse isn’t correctly stylized on the 11th track (it shouldn’t have a space).

Before Crooked clarified his post early Thursday morning (December 7), many online gave it added credibility considering his close ties to Shady Records as a member of the label’s supergroup Slaughterhouse. Both Eminem’s manager Paul Rosenberg and Dr. Dre have also used their own accounts to provide information on the album.

Later on, a Twitter user questioned if Crooked could remember recording a verse to “Floodgate,” the alleged track that features the rap quartet.

Another sign that lifted some eyebrows was the “Firing Line” song featuring J. Cole and 50 Cent. Eminem was among a number of white artists Cole called out on his 2014 Forest Hills Drivetrack “Fire Squad,” though he later admitted he would never diss Eminem.

Revival comes out December 15.