Ski Mask The Slump God has offered some clarification on why he has chosen to distance himself from frequent collaborator XXXTENTACION.

In a video uploaded to Instagram Stories, Ski Mask explained that his association with XXX keeps him from being seen as “an individual rapper.” And for good measure, the Florida rhymer also added that XXX’s personality played some role in his decision.

“I’ll always love that alien-looking nigga named XXX. I had to distance myself because it’s like nobody would see me as an individual rapper if I don’t. On top of that, that nigga crazy as hell,” the South Florida rapper said.

The reveal from Ski Mask comes as XXX, who seems to be in personal limbo about his music career, told fans that if they want him to continue to make music, they need to convince Ski Mask to be his friend again.

“Announcement: If you want me to make music, tell Ski Mask to be my friend again. Tell Ski Mask to be my friend again and I will make music. Tell him to be my friend again,” XXXTENTACION said in a video uploaded to social media.

XXX’s fans have overwhelmed Ski Mask’s IG comments now, pleading for him to make amends.

Ski Mask The Slump God IG

Ski Mask has been growing his solo profile recently after multiple collaborations with XXXTENTACION, and has found success with tracks like “Catch Me Outside,” which has 14 million views on YouTube and co-signs from both Missy Elliott and Timbaland.

Ski Mask was also spotted in the studio this week with his idol, Busta Rhymes.

“I Met My Idol No One Can Ruin My Mood,” Ski Mask tweeted early Monday (October 30) after sharing some photos of himself with the New York rap vet.


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