EarthGang, the newest members of the Dreamville roster, have followed up their Rags EP with another extended play release titled Robots.

The six-track project is the third in a series of EPs that will conclude with Johnny Venus and Doctur Dot’s next release, Royalty. In a recent interview, the Atlanta duo told HipHopDX the EP trilogy follows one story and acts as a prelude to their upcoming album, Mirror Land.

“Essentially, these EPs are like a deconstructed album,” Dot said. “What I’m interested to see is how many people play ’em all back to back and play the story through and see … Those kind of conversations are my favorite. Those are the people that pick out the details and interpret shit their own way. It’s my favorite part of doing this shit ‘cause I don’t never tell someone they’re wrong. I think that’s dope. I ain’t think about it that way. That’s my favorite part.”

View the stream, cover art and tracklist for EarthGang’s Robots below.

EarthGang Drop Robots EP

1. Lyfted Intro
2. Artificial
3. Robots
4. Underwater f. Sir
5. So Many Feelings
6. Flickted