As a native of Cleveland, Bone Thugs-n-Harmony rapper Wish Bone had strong feelings about comments recently made by former Cleveland Cavaliers player Kyrie Irving about his hometown not being a real sports city.

While speaking with TMZ, Wish Bone suggested that Irving should stop being “an idiot,” and also defended his city’s rep.

“Don’t be an idiot,” Wish Bone said when asked about Irving’s remarks. “Definitely wrong. Cleveland’s one of the biggest sports cities there is … Maybe he’s thinking it’s gonna be better over there for him. But time will tell.”

After playing for the Cavs from 2011-2017, Irving is now a Boston Celtic and will face off against his former teammates for the NBA season opener on Tuesday (October 17).

Wish Bone also predicted that Irving will receive a less-than-warm welcome upon his return to Cleveland. “He gonna get boo’ed all day long,” he said.

When asked about whether Irving could have trouble in the Cleveland streets, Bone added, “He definitely could have some issues. For sure. He badmouth the land something could happen to him. We put hands on him.”

During a conversation with reporters last week, Irving praised Boston, referring to it as a “thriving city” and a “real” sports destination.

“And then you move to the East Coast — into Boston — and it’s so real [and] alive. An ongoing, thriving city … Boston, I’m driving in and [thinking], ‘I’m really playing in a real, live sports city?’ And a great city,” Irving said.