The brother of Boosie Badazz will not face charges stemming from allegations he looted $361,000 from the rapper’s bank account.

Boosie’s brother, Taquari “TQ” Hatch, was arrested earlier this year on charges of identity theft and fraud in connection with the missing money. At the time of his arrest, authorities alleged that Hatch used the rapper’s bank account to make more than a dozen wire transfers to multiple people.

The police claimed that Hatch posed as Boosie when on the phone to his bank. However, the bank’s fraud department became suspicious when Hatch mentioned he had a wife. The bank knew Boosie didn’t have a spouse.

In a ruling that took place last Friday (October 13), the District Attorney in charge of Hatch’s case refused to file charges against him, according to TMZ. It’s unclear whether the D.A. agreed with Hatch’s testimony or whether the evidence against him simply wasn’t strong enough to proceed.

Hatch has maintained his innocence throughout the case. In a statement released following the ruling, Hatch says he found himself feeling victimized daily. He says he’ll now use his position to bring more awareness to those individuals behind the scenes of the entertainment industry who are often vilified by celebrities who hold all the power.

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Boosie Badazz has yet to publicly comment on the ruling.