Hollywood, CA – Exactly one week after Young Dolph was shot in broad daylight at the intersection of Hollywood Boulevard and Highland in Hollywood, California, TMZ has released the 911 call.

The call came from a levelheaded (yet understandably confused) employee inside the nearby Shoe Palace, where Dolph managed to seek refuge post-shooting.

“What’s our address here,” the employee asks a co-worker, noting that he didn’t know the address by heart. “I didn’t see it. He just came in. I hear ambulances.”

The call was made in the back office, where Dolph and several customers retreated after hearing the shots ring out. Officers nearby responded immediately. Dolph, who laid bleeding behind the store’s counter, was rushed to the hospital.

Dolph broke his silence on October 1 from his hospital bed, tweeting a bevy of dolphin emoticons followed by, “It’s Dolph.”

Yo Gotti affiliate Corey McClendon was initially booked for attempted murder in connection with the shooting on September 27, but was released 48 hours later without charges.

Police are still searching for two additional suspects.