Early last year when Ras Kass was releasing alot of material after just being released from prison, he dropped a song/freestyle called Caution that raised some eyebrows. No, not just cause the song was dope, but for these lines; “Fools is acting like they want what I
always was / West Coast lyricist with East Coast love/you was made to
run/get a thousand tattoos and won’t raise your gun/so when you get
merked I’ma raise your son/Ras is a son of a bitch, you the son of a
coward/your pops went to jail got fucked in the shower.

It seemed obvious who Ras was talking about. The Game was a west coast artist with east coast love, covered in tattoos, had his street credibility questioned and had a son he always talked about. Plus he had just blown up, started calling himself the king of the west (which Ras often did), and was now rolling with Ras‘ boy Scirpio. But after questions of the dis came up Ras said, “the track ‘Caution’ that I wrote and
recorded is not directed towards any artist. It’s a general statement.
If the shoe fits, find a matching skirt. When I do diss somebody, I
certainly wouldn’t bring their children into it.

Despite this all seeming like ancient history now, The Game was looking to get it settled last night. “The ni**a tried to jump me 30 to 2, yet
I’m alive and chillin’ my sweater is still white and all my jewelry
intact. Game is a ‘Change
of Heart,’ stripping, fake-ass blood who sold some records riding Dr Dre‘s
shirt tails. I guess he thought this would help him sell some more records. I
was so unfazed by it all that I went up to his car afterwards and challenged
him right there. Game is no match for me physically or lyrically
,” Ras Kass told AHH.

Of course The Game basically said the opposite; “Aint nobody hit that dude but me, he’s
crazy talking about 30 people. I never had
beef and never met Ras Kass, unless it was a quick exhange saying hello. He
talked about my son by name. You can say what you want about me, but what does
my son got to do with it? I seen the nigga in the club. I walked up to him in
the club and it was my mans birthday, so I didn’t want to mess up his party.
When the lights came on, at the end I asked him about the freestyle. He said it
wasn’t nothing, but he started in on that ‘it’s whatever I’m Ras Kass and
punched him in the face before he could finish…Ras Kass’ career is over, I ended it with that one punch last night.”

While both said the fued will not continue on wax, how many times has The Game claimed he is done dissing G-Unit before coming out with another diss song a month later? I expect we’ll be hearing more about this one.