Chi-Town rapper Chief Keef sat down with renowned therapist Dr. Siri Sat Nam Singh for an episode of VICELAND’s The Therapist. Although the 21-year-old artist remained relatively reserved throughout the session, he did offer a few insights into his life. Keef, who’s been marred with controversy in the past, touched on his turbulent background and was seemingly open about having a smoother future.

Below are four things we’ve learned about Keef from Tuesday’s (August 8) episode.

He Didn’t Receive Enough Attention As A Kid

Despite a close relationship with both his mother and grandmother, Keef fessed up to not getting enough attention during his childhood. He was met with that particular question after discussing his daily encounters with police during his time in Chicago. He did touch on his relationship with his grandmother and said he lived with her at one point, and still communicates with her almost daily.

“We’ve always been close,” he said. “I talk to her like my friend everyday. I make sure I at least text her … Try to keep me on the right track at all times. Make sure I’m doing good.”

He Laughs Through The Pain

As Keef rattled down the names of the people he’s lost to violence, which includes his cousin and brother, he was asked how he expresses his feelings. In response to the question, Keef revealed, “He’d want me to laugh this out … He’ll want me to laugh. He’ll want me to keep going and smile.”

He later explained his signature pendant was made to honor his cousin Big Glo, who was killed in a 2014 shooting in Englewood area of Chicago. That specific neighborhood is reportedly one of the most dangerous in the country.

He’s Replaced His Love For Guns With Paintball

Given the legal trouble Keef has found himself in as a result of his attraction to guns, he says he’s taken to paintball instead. As a result, he says he feels he no longer needs a gun.

“I took it to paintballing,” he said. “And I was doing that everyday. I took it so serious … I’ll never have to have a gun again.”

He “Cremated” Negativity & Welcomed Openness

Towards the end of Keef’s session with Dr. Siri, he said he “cremated” negative thoughts and “put it in the sea,” while expressing shock he was even opening up to a therapist.

“I ain’t see this day coming … me talking to a therapist,” he said. “Last time I did that was when I was in trouble … To do this is like a big step. I’m not talkative. I don’t let people in on my life. And talk about stuff.”

Watch the full episode above.