Toronto, ON

Don’t mess with Lil Pump if you see him out shopping.

The teenage sensation almost got into an altercation with an unknown detractor who offended him at a mall in Toronto, as seen in the video below.

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Lil Pump, 16, traded barbs with his antagonist and shouted “I’ll slap your broke ass” before attempting to rush into a fight. Luckily, the rising star’s team was able to stop him and prevent the situation from escalating into a brawl.

The Miami rapper, like many burgeoning Hip Hop artists, has built a huge following on SoundCloud. All of Lil Pump’s songs on the streaming service have at least 3 million plays with two of the tracks having over 24 million plays. The up-and-comer has caught just as much attention for his antics on social media though, such as when he bragged about wrecking a Porche in May.