London, England – Solange was hospitalized earlier this week for an unknown condition, but admittedly left against doctor’s orders to perform at London’s Lovebox Festival on Friday (July 14). While addressing the crowd, she reportedly said she had a “serious episode” after her performance in Switzerland at the Montreux Jazz Festival on July 11.

“I was in hospital this morning,” Beyoncé’s baby sister said. “I was in hospital for three days. After my show I had a serious episode and was told I shouldn’t perform. And so I broke out of that bitch this morning because I knew this place was going to be filled with so much love.”

She added later, “I want to come back when I’m feeling better because I’m giving you the best that I’ve got, but I still have much more in me. But I knew I was not missing seeing you and all of these popping ass black and brown people. So thank you for always being there for me. I have so much gratitude.”

After her performance, she took to Twitter to share her thoughts on the event, writing, “been a hell of a 72 hrs, but damn lovebox u made me feel better than any doctor could have. can’t put into words how much that meant to me.”

No further details on the reason for her hospitalization have been released.

Check out footage of her set below.

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