Rob Kardashian fired off a series of damning social media posts against Blac Chyna, his former fianceé and mother to his daughter, on Wednesday (July 5), which caught the attention of 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg, Troy Ave, The Game and others in the Hip Hop community. Most notably, T.I. evoked a scandal after calling Kardashian a “duck” (in multiple ways), prompting Kardashian to call him out for paying Chyna to have a threesome with his soon-to-be ex-wife Tiny Harris.

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Snoop provided one of the more blunt critiques of the drama, informing his Instagram followers that Chyna simply “seen a sucka and she licked it.”

“Man, would y’all get off my line with all this mess between Blac Chyna and Rob,” Snoop said in the video. “That’s they business, man. He knew what he was getting into when he got her. She is what she is. She was what she was, man. Quit crying to the internet, nigga. You got more money to burn. Go buy you another. Blac Chyna just did what she was supposed to do. She seen a sucka and she licked it. For all you suckas out there, don’t get licked. Do the licking. You bitch, you.”

Sucker shit adds up to this ??‍♂️??

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Brooklyn rapper Troy Ave was evidently inspired by the drama as well and created a song titled “Rob Kardashian” that dives into the incident.

“Rob Kardashian, she took that boy heart and bashed it in, oh,” Troy sings at the start of the song.

The Game, who goes by @losangelesconfidential on Instagram, also had some stellar advice for the lone male of the Kardashian family: “Put the phone down homie.”

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But perhaps the most congenial response came courtesy of 50 Cent who admitted he “dated a Hoe” and did his best to relate to what Kardashian was going through. “Be cool about this shit man,” he wrote on Instagram. “keep it Playa, playa. chill take a little time for ya self, but damn these hoe’s be looking good right! LOL.”

As for Chyna’s response, she is reportedly taking steps towards legal action over the leaked photos.

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