Cannes, France

Killer Mike was in Cannes this week when he took to Twitter to announce abrupt plans to return to the U.S. to be with his ailing mother. The Run The Jewels rapper later took to Instagram with a somber yet loving message for his mother, who had passed away.

“My mother has transitioned to be with our ancestors. All those who believe as I do know energy cannot be destroyed only transformed. I pray she is with our elders in someway and that peace and harmony follow them wherever their souls may roam,” Mike wrote in part of his message to his mother alongside a photo of her.

He continued by addressing her directly, writing, “I love u Denise with all my heart and soul i do! Your children are successful, your house is in order. Your legacy is intact. You are the reason I know with no doubt in my heart My God is A Black Woman. Goodbye Mom. Salutes ‘Mama Niecy’. #Happy420foreverBaby!”

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Mike previously revealed that his mother was a florist who also sold drugs on the side when he was young. The two were extremely close, as noted in a 2012 interview with the Portland Mercury.

Killer Mike and his RTJ partner El-P are scheduled to perform at the Glastonbury Festival in England on Saturday.

HHDX offers our deepest condolences to Killer Mike and his family.