Even though Run The Jewels is a relatively new group in the pages of Hip Hop history, together its members have a combined decades of experience making music. From El-P’s beginnings with Company Flow in the ’90s and Killer Mike’s work with Atlanta’s elite before releasing his debut solo album in 2003, to DJ Trackstar’s masses of mixtapes, the group’s members all led separate but parallel lives that ultimately fused together to create the growing juggernaut they are today.

Now HipHopDX, with Beats 1, dives into the dates of some of Killer Mike, El-P and DJ Trackstar’s career milestones to show how the individual members combined into a team, as well as how they paired up with Apple Music for their Beats 1 radio show We Run The Jewels.

Scroll down to follow the timeline, and hear all the episodes of We Run The Jewels on Beats 1.

Catch every episode of We Run The Jewels on Beats 1 radio and check out RTJ’s albums on iTunes below.

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Killer Mike / I Pledge Allegiance To The Grind II (2008)

Killer Mike / Pl3dge (2011)

Killer Mike / R.A.P. Music (2012)

El-P / Cancer For Cure (2012)


Run The Jewels (2013)


Run The Jewels 2 (2014)


Meow The Jewels (2015)

Run The Jewels 3 (2016)