New Orleans, LA

Juvenile was arrested Saturday morning (June 17) for failing to pay child support, The Times-Picayune reports.

The New Orleans great was taken into custody in his hometown at about 2 a.m. local time and is being held on $150,000 bond. Judge Nakisha Ervin-Knott ordered Juvenile — government name Terius Gray — to pay $154,000 to Dionne Williams, a woman whom he has a teenaged son with. He has owed Williams this amount since 2012.

Juvenile was also charged with contempt of court for missing a hearing on May 8.

The Hot Boys, including Juvenile and Turk, made a pseudo-reunion at Lil Wayne’s Lil Weezyana Fest in 2015 and also came together again at this year’s NBA All-Star Game, much to the joy of LeBron James. B.G. was absent from both festivities as he continues his prison sentence.