This week, XXL Magazine released its annual Freshman Class cover and, as expected, the internet exploded with what can only be described as extreme disdain. There were questions about the relevancy and overall clout of the chosen artists but also the relevancy of the outlet itself.

One of the more entertaining by-products, though — as in past years — is the volume of artists, tastemakers and fans who have been offering up their own lists.

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Rapper Danny Brown named his favs:

Danny Brown XXL list
DJ Booth also started a great conversation on Twitter by replying to a follower with their picks.

Fans shared their lists using the #MyFreshmanXXL2017 hashtag. Interestingly enough, there are some nearly unanimous picks, some who made the list and some who didn’t.

While it’s easy to make cases for all the artists officially selected — for example, they’ve all appeared on Billboard — many readers took the list to heart, seeing it as a degradation of the culture, and a grim forecast of the future of Hip Hop. Many younger fans seemed to be happy with the list, maybe with a few simple substitutions.

Who made your list?