Irv Gotti is well on the road to reviving Murder Inc., but what he doesn’t need help bringing back to life is his beef with 50 Cent. In the latest move of the ongoing feud, 50 posted some new jabs on Instagram.

One picture features Irv in a car selfie with Ashley Martelle. The G-Unit boss apparently finds the scene funny because she was a member of Taz’s Angels, a popular escort company.

Irv recently addressed his relationship with Ashley on New York radio station Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club. He says he’s no longer with the woman who’s 20 years younger than him. Their relationship hit the rocks last year when a video leaked of her giving sloppy toppy to an unidentified man. Now Irv says he’s moved on and ready to settle down.

Of course, the hour-long interview couldn’t get through without mention of the 50 Cent beef. Irv discusses the situation where he brought papers to try to prove his rival was a snitch and it fell on deaf ears while Fiddy got an order of protection.

“We just gotta sit and weather the fucking storm while this nigga is smacking us and spitting in our faces. We have to go like this, ‘Thank you may I have another,'” Irv said of what seemed to be media bias toward 50 Cent.

The Power exec posted a clip of the quote on Instagram, calling Irv “soft” and promising the smacking will continue.