Faith Evans’ latest album, The King and I, dropped Friday morning, and it features previously unheard vocals from Notorious B.I.G. on some tracks.

But Biggie’s longtime collaborator and wife has upped the ante even further by saying there might be enough Biggie vocals in the vault to release a follow-up album with more songs, or an album of remixes.

Speaking to OkayPlayer, Evans “gleefully” laid out the possibilities for what could be done with the unearthed Biggie recordings.

“There are actually B.I.G. vocals I didn’t use. We’ve been kinda talking about doing a reissue with a few more songs, or a remix album.”

Evans even named the producer she gave the recordings to, and it’s encouraging news.

“‘Cause, you know, 9th Wonder, who’s pretty known for remixing albums, I gave him the whole album to go ahead and do what he wanted to do with it. So, you know, you might be hearing that pretty soon.”

Speaking separately to Rolling Stone, Evans explained the challenges of finding old Biggie material to work with for tracks such as these: “[Biggie] didn’t have a great amount of stuff that people didn’t hear and definitely didn’t have a lot of unreleased stuff.”

9th Wonder posted about the plan on Instagram, shouting out Evans and writing, “Mac N’ Cheese on me…”

Check out some videos that Evans released with the late, great Biggie for The King and I and listen to the full album here.