How do you know you’ve made it? When the former president can’t shut up about you? Or is it when you’re being referenced in an iconic comic book? Luckily, Chance The Rapper doesn’t have to make that choice, because both of those things happened to him this week.

Let’s start with the Spider-Man comic. Chano was the subject of another Hip Hop reference from Marvel, where a character says, “I’m young! And hip! Ask me any question about Chance The Rapper…”

And now we move on to Exhibit B: Barack Obama. Obama has paid tribute to Chance on plenty of occasions, inviting him to state dinners and to perform at the White House’s Christmas tree lighting ceremony.

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Now he has said that the Chicago rapper will be welcome in his Presidential Library anytime. President Obama has said that the new building will be a “hub for the community” based in Chicago, containing features never before seen in a Presidential Library, such as a play area for children and a recording studio.

According to the New York Times, Obama said he hopes for “a studio where I can invite Spike Lee and Steven Spielberg to do workshops on how to make films and a recording studio where I could invite Chance or Bruce Springsteen, depending on your tastes, to talk about how you could record music that has social commentary and meaning.”

We can’t see Chance turning down that invitation.