Set to continue putting his stamp on the independent music scene and Tuscon Hip Hop community, Lando Chill has announced a new album, The Boy Who Spoke to the Wind. Due out June 23 on Mello Music Group, the project’s lead single is “Break Them Shackles.”

Speaking with HipHopDX, Chill explains how the song expresses a battle with “many, many shackles, ones that bind limb to anxiety and depression.” He hopes that listeners can join him in the fight, which he expects to last for quite a while.

“[I’m talking about] shackles that cuff themselves to neck like a noose for not being black enough for some and too black for others,” he says. “The shackles of poverty, of society’s assumptions about me and mine, systemic and overt racism, sexuality… those are the shackles that I’ve broken and continue to break every day. The battle isn’t won because we make music that teaches you a few things while making you feel good. The battle is won when we, the marginalized people of this world, no longer have shackles to free ourselves from. And, that day is sadly far away.”

Consisting of 15 tracks, the album is inspired by Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist, a story of self-discovery. Lando shares what he learned from the modern classic and how his message is similar.

“The biggest takeaway from The Alchemist is that the greatest lie one has ever believed is that he or she is not in control of their own fate,” he says. “We, as people on this earth, act as if we’re caught in a riptide, trapped within ourselves, socially imposed limitations, and stereotypes. We’re lost on a path already decided by the color of our skin and the place we were born. It is up to us to decide whether or not we defy those who wish to marginalize our voices and experiences. The acceptance of what I can control and what I cannot was the most precious gift revealed to me in Paolo’s work. Everything has already been written. It takes the journey of a lifetime, or many journeys through many lives, to find what has been inside the whole time — your purpose. Mine is to spread joy and knowledge through music and I appreciate Paolo for giving me the key to my own personal legend.”

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