Biting has been a bit of a hot topic lately, most notably with XXXTENTACION accusing Drake of jacking his flow. Now it seems like the knives are out for Kendrick Lamar.

The track in question is “DNA.,” one of K. Dot’s most popular songs from his new album DAMN. A short clip has appeared on Instagram comparing it to the track “I Got I Got I Got” by a rapper named D.Zign. The Insta post bears the question: “Whoa…. #KendrickLamar’s new track #DNA sounds a whole lot like this rapper ‘D.Zign’s’ song ‘I Got’, which dropped months ago What do you guys think???”

D.Zign has spoken on the issue himself, posting a meme to Instagram to the same effect, and writing on Facebook: “So… Kendrick just gonna steal my shit on his ‘DNA.’ song?”

Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 05.34.30

On first listen, the flows are certainly a little similar, but to call this a case of clear-cut biting seems like a bit of a stretch. After all, “I Got I Got I Got” dropped in 2015 and has roughly 370 listens on Soundcloud, which begs the question as to how Kendrick would have heard it.

However, there’s no denying that the similarity in the flow (and of course the prominence of the phrase “I got, I got, I got” in both songs) means it’s worth asking the question.

We’ll leave both tracks below for you to decide.