XXXTENTACION has only been out of a jail for a little over a week, but he’s been economical with his time since then — dissing one of the biggest names in the game over and over.

What started as an accusation of Drizzy stealing XXX’s flow has now evolved into a more full-scale criticism of Drake’s style, slamming him for using Jamaican patois on his last few records.

In a video shared by DJ Akademiks, XXX goes in: “My boy a rasta now!? Ay, tell this pussy nigga Drake: stop speaking patois! You are not Jamaican! I’m a real Jamaican, I’m from fucking Kingston, all of my family is from Kingston, stop stealing my people’s culture! Get the fuck off our dicks! We don’t claim you, stop! We don’t want you, go back to where you came from!”

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Still laughing, he asks “Whose mans is this? Facts. Real shit,” before clarifying, “21 Savage, I fuck with 21 Savage.”

Drake has been the subject of more than a few memes over the last several years since he’s begun dabbling in Caribbean sounds and using slang from other countries like Jamaica.

On the same topic, a new video from Vox suggests the accent is part of his upbringing in the culturally diverse city of Toronto.

XXXTENTACION is currently free on bail, having been charged with false imprisonment, witness tampering and aggravated battery.