It turns out Drake won’t press charges against the Pennsylvania woman who gained access to his Hidden Hills mansion and stole several beverages, according to TMZ.

The Canadian superstar allegedly told authorities to drop the felony charges against the overzealous fan, who was arrested wearing one of Drake’s hoodie. Drake’s lawyer has reportedly contacted the L.A. County D.A. and said he wouldn’t cooperate in any prosecution because he believes she has mental problems. Most likely, without Drake’s cooperation, the April 3 crime will go unpunished.

(This story has been updated and was originally published April 18, 2017)

Another day, another pesky issue for Drake.

Just days after the Canadian musician blasted a country club in La Quinta, California for racial profiling, it has been revealed that his own home was burglarized by what appears to be a fan merely attempting to quench her thirst.

TMZ reports that on April 3, a member of Drake’s crew entered the rapper’s home and stumbled upon a 24-year-old woman in one of Drizzy’s bedrooms. She was wearing one of Drake’s hoodies.

When authorities arrived at the home, the woman informed them that she had permission to be there, which she didn’t. She fessed up to stealing Pepsi, Sprite, and Fiji water and although the retail value of the drinks didn’t amount to much, the woman was still charged with felony burglary since she entered the home illegally.

It’s still unclear how the woman was able to get into Drake’s home given that there were no signs of forced entry.