TDE has a long history of playing with the emotions of their listeners. Whether it’s cryptically posting drop dates using white boards with “John Does” or in the case of Kendrick’s recent stunt, casually mentioning an exact date, they continuously keep fans on their toes. Fans who were shattered last Friday after Kendrick’s long-awaited fourth studio album failed to materialize were elated to see that Kendrick has released official artwork and a tracklist for what we now know is called Damn. Initial reactions to the emotionally charged — yet purposely simple — artwork coupled with the less than creative use of typography had mixed reactions.

Lack of any discernible Photoshop standards aside, one thing that wasn’t up for debate was the album itself. Although it does not sport the epic leaked tracklist that was floating around, it features Rihanna and U2. In particular, U2 seemed like a point of contemption for some.

At least one user seemed to be grateful that one specific collaboration rumor had been debunked.

One thing is for sure, “Humble.” was a strong indication that we’re in for a scorcher! One user summed it all up quite nicely.

In other Kendrick news, “Humble.” had the highest Hot 100 debut for a rap song since 2010.