Los Angeles, CA – In preparation for his first album since leaving his former crew and label, Hopsin stopped by the #DXHQ to talk with the #DXLive crew about where his career has been since the fallout and the direction it’s headed. Which, appears to be up.

The live sitdown was witnessed by hundreds of his fans through the HipHopDX Facebook page and answered many of their inquiries and concerns as the tenured MC moves forward with his career.

“All the way [removed from it]. Career wise I’ve definitely [moved] past it,” Hopsin says about his former label Funk Volume. “I’m in a better position. I’m not suffering in any way. Funk Volume is dead. It’s gone. It’s not coming back. It’s sad it all ended the way it did but it is what it is. I did what I had to do; everyone did what they had to do. I don’t regret anything that I’ve done or what I’ve done. I’m in a good position. The fan base is still [as] strong as it has ever been. [The] money is amazing so I can’t complain. “

When asked if he would have done anything differently, Hopsin, 31, didn’t exactly express any regret for how things played out.

“I know myself so if I feel disrespected in a certain way I’m gonna roar. If you rewound time a thousand times, the outcome would have been the same because I don’t think the ball was in my court as far as the disrespect that was brought to me. The artists on the label I still have love for them. I wish things didn’t turn out the way that they did and I know there’s a little tension between me and a few of the artists and [that] does suck. I’m not gonna lie. I don’t like it but it is what it is. They feel how they feel, I feel how I feel and I’m going to stand by what I believe in.”

Hopsin also addressed how the Funk Volume artists didn’t believe the allegations he levied against former co-label boss Dame Ritter embezzling label. “Let me ask you this. How would SwizZz have proof? He didn’t own the label, shareholder or anything in the company. Does he even know the accountants that [were] involved in Funk Volume? He knows of them but he doesn’t have access to that stuff unless Dame showed him. Dizzy didn’t have access. He only had access to his stuff. Jarren didn’t have access so how could they possibly know? They didn’t show anything because it’s nothing they could have shown. There’s no way they could have seen [Funk Volume’s accounting]. Anyone who understands business knows that. Whatever they say is irrelevant because they don’t know but, yeah, shoutout to those guys.”

Over the past year, HipHopDX interviewed Ritter, Dizzy and Jarren and even Hopsin regarding their own perspectives on the dissolution of the label.

The process of moving on from Funk Volume has lead Hopsin to Undercover Prodigy; his own record label that will house his releases as well as future artists he hopes to sign. “I’m getting ready to release my first album under Undercover Prodigy and I wanna sign new artists this year as well,” says Hopsin. “I understand what it takes to mold an artist now. I’ve done it myself. I know exactly what to do, at least, to the level I’m at. I definitely [know how] to build the buzz up for an artist that’s for sure. I think my opinions for what a good artist is, I think, is valuable. A good artist, in my opinion, they have to be talented lyrically. There are so many lanes of what good is and what good is now [so] it just depends on what I’m seeking or what any label owner is seeking. I think [social media] also matters. They have to be willing to promote themselves and feed their fans with things they may think are unnecessary.”

Drama: There was also an addressing of the “All Your Fault” video meaning midway during the #DXLive broadcast.

Hopsin also partook in an impromptu #LitnessTEST towards the end of the broadcast and gave a few aspiring artists some honest feedback.

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