DJ Khaled’s wait for the “Drake vocals” for a song from his forthcoming Grateful album has become something of a running gag on his social feeds, but it seems now as though his partner Nicole Tuck is finally sick of him asking about them.

In a series of Snapchat videos, Khaled can be seen asking his fiancée (pretty loudly) “Did the Drake vocals come in yet?” while she begs him to stop as she’s trying to put Asahd (their baby son and Khaled’s executive producer) to sleep.

After a few rounds of this, things take a turn for the profane and Tuck tells Khaled to “Shut the fuck up,” prompting him to jokingly ask, “Do you love me?” to which she laughs and responds “Get away from me.”

Of course, Khaled is not dissuaded and keeps asking, and keeps getting the same response.

Drake has also had his own take on the search for his vocals, which Khaled shared on his own Instagram page:

Still, one question remains: DID the Drake vocals come in yet?