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Mr. Papers is largely known as Lil Kim’s former flame and the father of their child, but with a new club-ready song with Tory Lanez called “Celine,” he’s planning to remind music fans that he’s not just a celebrity also-ran. Within a few bars of his new club-ready cut, he chides listeners for “asking all these questions about my baby mama.” And in a new interview with HipHopDX, he elaborates.

“Before [dating Kim] I was the man, and after that situation, I’m the man. Before anybody, not just particularly my baby’s moms,” he said. “I don’t mean that in a bad way, but people don’t realize how hard I work. I’ve always been a hustler and made things happen. I am a man and a father, so I do whatever it takes to feed my kids.”

The Honduras-born, Brox-bred rapper has previously done songs with Tank and Kevin Gates, but he recently connected with Tory Lanez in Miami for “Celine.” He said that he connected with Lanes in Miami, coming up with the idea and recording the song within 24 hours.

“I’m going to let it grow some legs. But by the summertime, we’re out of here,” he said. “Just one step at a time.”

Back In The Mix: Last month, Papers linked with Tory Lanez for what he calls “a new record sure to ring off in the clubs.”

Papers is focused on the single for now, but said he plans to release his album this coming June.

As for Kim, Papers appeared on the remix for her song “Pour It Up” a few years ago. He says most of their collaborations are unreleased but he did point out he would be fine with recording with her again.

“I am not sure what the future holds but I am not opposed to doing more music with her,” he said. “It was great.”

He acknowledges that some listeners may not have known about him before his relationship, but he blames that on himself. With “Celine” and his upcoming album, he’s ready to get back on track.

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“I was bullshitting, just bullshitting in the house being a wild boy. But real niggas don’t fall off, they just fall back,” he said. “…I’m just really focusing on music. I’ve done everything. I’ve drove the cars, big jewelry, big everything, bad bitches. It’s just music right now.”